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Snorkelling trip

Jetty Dive Centre

Snorkelling trip

AU$ 160.00

This trip is very weather dependent. Snorkelling is reliant on two factors, the weather and the visibility (clarity of the water).

Surface conditions can become too choppy or the swell may make it too rough, whilst the visibility must exceed around 15 metres.

The depth of the water varies from 5 metres to 20 metres, so it is not like areas of the Great Barrier Reef that have shallow calm snorkelling. You will not be able to touch the bottom or stand up at any point whilst in the water.


You will need your own transport from Jetty Dive to the Marina for the boat trip. Due to COVID restrictions we are no longer able to transport people.

You MUST fill out indemnity form prior to your trip with us. Indemnity form can be found here.

Please provide a valid email adress to ensure all necessary information is sent to you prior to your trip.


Daily snorkelling trips around the sanctuary zones of the Solitary Islands Marine Park for the experienced and unexperienced snorkellers

Come and Snorkel with Jetty Dive aboard one of our boats to the Solitary Islands Marine Park sanctuaries and discover the underwater wonders. Previous snorkelling experience is necessary however swimming experience absolutely is! (you need to be able to scissor kick your legs)

The Sanctuary zones of the marine park have an amazing amount of fishlife, anything from the tropical varieties like “Nemo and Dory” (Clownfish and Blue Tangs!) to the “silvery” schools of fish from the sub-tropics. Turtles are common and maybe you will see dolphins on the trip out.

The Solitary Islands feature is the amount of fishlife and corals in the sanctuary zones, you will see lots of fish, turtles and coral. …But it needs to be good conditions… we explain this because we do find we postpone or cancel a few trips because of the conditions. We would rather not take you out there if we know it’s not going to be good! Generally, Snorkel guides are not on the trips, if you require a guide, please discuss this with the shop when booking.


A holiday booking tip:

If you are coming to Coffs Harbour and are planning to do a snorkelling trip, book in prior to coming and allow alternative days to go out, That way we can get you on the best day possible.


Morning Trips:


For the majority of the year, our trips run in the morning in conjunction with our Dive Trips.

The trips begin at 7:30am at the Dive Shop, and return around 1:30pm.

These trips may book out with Divers, so it is important to book ahead. .

The trips takes you to two different sites around the islands, time in the water is between 30 and 60 minutes, between the two snorkels, we provide a morning tea on the boats.


Afternoon Trips:

In summer, and on demand, we can run afternoon snorkel trips.

These commence at 11:30am at the dive shop, with return to the marina around 4:30 - 5pm

Once again, these are run on demand so bookings are essential.

We include all gear hire necessary for these trips in the paid price. This includes a wetsuit, mask, snorkel, and fins.

During out trips we have a short surface interval where we supply tea, coffees, and soups along with light snacks.

This trip is for very confident swimmers and experienced snorkellers. You must sign in with our indemnity form which can be found here.

You MUST fill out indemnity form prior to your trip with us.

This trip includes an on average 30min boat trip each way. Please be prepared if vunerable to sea sickness. Even if you do not usually experience sea-sickness, we recommend taking travel sickness medication as it is better to be safe than sorry. We do not recommend using ginger.

The trip price includes a $100 deposit. No refunds of deposits will be given if the customer cancels within 48 hours of trip

By purchasing this trip you acknowledge and agree to all of these conditions.